Autism Affiliates

Autism-friendly Companies

We support a collection of leaders who run companies founded by Autistic individuals, businesses that spearhead Autism-focused hiring initiatives, and organizations that promote and support people on the spectrum. 

 wordpress help taskpoet

TaskPoet: WordPress Tasks Done-For-You Fast
Hire us to keep your WordPress website and content happy and fresh! We are a SoCal-based, autistic-friendly WordPress website management and content updating service, serving a variety of businesses and nonprofits. We offer WordPress website help for small stuff like meta tags, favicons, menus, headers, footers, and more. We are proudly Autistic! Learn more now.

human proofreading service

Instaproofer: Same-day, Human Proofreading Services
Same-day human online proofreading services for blogs, emails, web posts and pages, essays, memos, reports, slides and more! Best for businesses, nonprofits, students, copywriters, journalists, web and content developers, real estate agents, and more. Send us your text, and we’ll perfect it in as little as three hours. Learn more or submit your text at We are powered by neurodiversity! 

Love & Autism: creating a world where autistic people are valued and worthy
Love & Autism is a non-profit organization that aims to shift the hopeless narrative associated with Autism and helps bring about global change in how Autistic people are treated at work, home, academic setting, and community. Learn more about Love & Autism here.

pokez restaurant

Food with Love!
Pokez is a downtown San Diego Mexican restaurant featuring authentic flavors and classic dishes for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. Pokez is a proud sponsor of the Love & Autism conference and supports local Autism organizations. Visit Pokez’s website for details.


We believe everything and everyone has a purpose.
Revision Project is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide inclusive access to art, culture, social practice and environmental education through the framework of a creative workspace. For more information and to see how you can get involved, visit their website.